Thursday, November 25, 2010

For the first time!


I'm spamming on your blog (evil laugh). Actually I am not the owner of this blog (-_-"). I am just an ordinary people that create this blog to the person that I really love. I wonder if the owner find out. Hah! ayoyo. Should I delete this post? No way! (Haha). This is for her reminiscence. Last word, enjoy your life updating this blog. You should and must update. If not, you know what will I do. Right? Haha. Am I too cruel? Naa... Not at all. Anyway, I Love you more than you love me (kinda). That's all folks! (^^)V 

p/s: Enjoy the picture too :)

click the picture to see more clearly n you will say "awesome!" :)
Oh ya. I didn't say what is 'Luny Pour Chokoreto' means and stands for right? OK i will tell you then :) It's mean 'Crazy For Chocolate'. Luny or Loony means crazy. Pour is a French word that means 'For'. Chokoreto is a Japanese word that means Chocolate >_<. Well now you know and understand what it is right? (^_^) So how the "words"? Quite awesome right? (Haha) I know, I know. :P Ok, this is the right time to finish all my words. -.- I know you were bored because of me. :D (Haha) But I Loike.. <3 Last but not least, the code for love is 143 --> means I LOVE YOU lorrhh -.-

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